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Zenvo Feature: HOME BUSINESS

The Zenvo is already here and in this post we're going to highlight just one of the many possibilities it could become.

If you've always been thinking about giving up your day job to start your own business, or getting really serious about your hobby and taking it to the next level, then look no further. Why not turn part of your home into a home business? The first floor can be converted into a hair salon, nail salon, or even a day care*, allowing you to work from home permanently.

*You can remain unlicensed if you are providing care for 6 or less children.


There are plenty of advantages to having operating your own home business:
  • Commute. Say goodbye to long commutes. The only commute you'll be taking is the stairs down to your home business. With the soaring prices, the gas savings grow by the day.
  • Work from home. It's called a home business for a reason. The pandemic has taught us that working from home is starting to become a mainstay. Be productive while having access to all the amenities and comforts of your own home.
  • Tax savings. Did you know that you can claim business expenses on your home business? With a designated home business, you can claim expenses on that portion of your house relative to the total square footage of your entire home, ultimately saving you more money.
  • Freedom and flexibility. With your own home business, you're your own boss, and that means you can set your own schedule. This lets you juggle time for your hobbies, friends, and family way more easily.


If you already have some ideas about what you want your home business to be like, book an appointment or come visit us at one of our showhomes. We're ready to chat and go along with you on your entrepreneurial journey.