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It’s fall, and it seems to be here a bit too soon, but you can’t help desire to grab your favourite pumpkin-spice drink and fuzzy slippers and curl up with a good screen, uh, I mean book.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually read most of my books on a screen these days. But for my birthday last year I got an original copy of one of my cherished books from a vintage bookstore. There is nothing like a paper book. It’s yours to hold, carry, dog ear the page, flip back and re-read, tuck in your backpack, and use it as your distraction throughout the day. And remember back when you were a kid, how important a book was. Colourful illustrations, words that jumped off the page, yours to take to bed and read and imagine and wonder.

Daytona Homes and the Edmonton Public School Board Foundation are midway through our book drive to benefit some of the K-6 Edmonton school libraries. Kyla Amrhein, the Director of the EPSBF agrees, that a physical book is the greatest friend.

 “While technology may come and go, books remain a tool to explore, imagine, and create. Books tie together generations; when I share my favourite book with my daughters, I get as much joy from reading the story again as they do. And when they love it, too? Magical. I think a beautifully crafted, illustrated, written book holds even more value today, because information is so widely accessible through technology. When a child picks up a tactile book, they connect with the words and images in a different way than with a screen.”

Do you remember the book you liked most as a child? Mine was, The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Suess. A classic for sure when you’re six, but we’ve come a long way and there is so much more to explore. If you can donate, please do at a Daytona Homes show home nearest to you.

A link to some of the requested books is below.

EDM EPSB Book Drive - List -All Grades

Watch the videos below to learn all about our Daytona Littles' favourite books!