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There’s lots to talk about in this blog. And I mean exactly that-- lots.

Lots of lots. Newly released lots in Chappelle Gardens, how many you ask? Well, there’s lots, lots to give you more choice. You see, there’s been a shortage of lots lately, and now there are more lots.

Daytona Homes in Chappelle Gardens has been selling lots of lots, and we are pleased now to offer more lots—lots for new front-attached single family, lots for rear-detached single family and lots for duplexes. So, it sounds great, and it is really great having more lots, but there is a downside. It’s limited because the lots go fast. Lots of people love the lots. That means once the lots start selling, there are less lots. So, you want to head into the Daytona Homes Presentation Centre at Chappelle Gardens and see if we have the lot you like. Looks like you have a lot to do this weekend.

  1. Pick a house you like
  2. Pick a lot you like
  3. Like it a lot

More lots for homes like this:

PALISADE-Z | New Attached Garage Home in Chappelle Gardens Community Edmonton (

And this:

KONA-Z | New Detached Garage Home in Chappelle Gardens Community Edmonton (

And this:

FOCUS-D | New Duplex Home in Chappelle Gardens Community Edmonton (

Lots of great lots!! Lots more choice. Lots of folks like you liking those lots. Lots to choose from. Book your appointment today so you don’t miss out. Discover Daytona Today! Online Appointment Booking. See you soon. I had lots of fun.