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"When I was in grade three, we had a reading competition. For every book we read we would get a ‘feather in our cap’. This was a cap made of construction paper and the feathers the same.
I am highly competitive, and at 10 years old more than ready to take on the challenge. So, I went home and looked at the books in on our shelves. There were nature books with lots of pictures of birds, health and dieting books, religious books and the encyclopedia. Clearly, we didn’t read much in my house. However, I did find a compilation book of great fairy tale classics by Hans Christian Andersen. Now don’t get me wrong, he’s got some good stuff here, with ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’, and ‘The Princess and the Pea’, but this book wasn’t presented as a fun book. It was musty smelling, heavy, and a brown cover and was likely meant for adults to read to children at bedtime.
But it was all we had in the house, I read the entire book, got every feather in my cap and won the competition. Looking back, it wasn’t about winning, it was about the introduction to reading. I can’t even remember what my library looked like back in elementary school. It’s not how schools approach kids and reading today. But did you know it isn’t all that it may seem?" - Karen, Online Specialist 

Daytona Homes in partnership with the Edmonton Public School Board Foundation want to share in the knowledge and experience of books.

Some elementary libraires right here in Edmonton are in desperate need of reading material, and Daytona Homes wants you to help fill their shelves.

We have identified five schools here in Edmonton with libraries that could use some love, and need about 250 books each according to the EPSB. But, let’s knock their socks off and beat that goal with this outstanding Book Drive.

Starting August 14th through to the end of September, all Daytona Homes Showhomes are collecting books for school aged kids (6-12yrs).

Who? Daytona Homes and the Edmonton Public School Board Foundation

What? Holding a Book Drive

Where? At all Daytona Homes Show Homes

When? Now until the end of September 2021

Why? Because reading is fun! And there are lots of school-aged kid who don’t have enough books.

How? Just by donating books at any Daytona Homes Show Home.

Mon-Thurs 2-8 Sat-Sun 12-5 Closed Fridays.

 View more details and updates on our goal here