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Daytona Homes Lifestyle Packages


Upgrade your new home to fit YOU! 6 amazing new Lifestyle Packages to choose from, each with their own personality. Which one are you?

The Home Chef

You pride yourself in being the best cook in the family. You are the go-to friend for all the best recipes and your friends may or may not trade their first born for another taste of your cocoa-crusted beef tenderloin. If you’ve daydreamed about an alternate universe where you own a three-star Michelin restaurant, you’ll want to meet the “Home Chef” lifestyle package. Spice up your kitchen with incredible chef-inspired features!

Package Includes:

o   Upgraded fridge with ice maker

o   Gas stove

o   Cabinet hood fan (RSL only)

o   Pot filler

o   Upgraded kitchen faucet

o   Upgraded silgranit sink (white or black)

o   Garburator

The Weekend Handyman

Can you build anything and everything with your own two hands? Do your buddies have your number on speed dial for all their handyman needs? If you like getting your hands dirty and adding a little elbow grease to projects, you’ll want to invite the “Weekend Handyman” lifestyle package into your garage. This package turns your garage into a full-service workshop that allows you to work comfortably all year round!

Package Includes:

o   Epoxy floor

o   Hot/Cold taps

o   Heater

o   Painted garage

o   Keypad

The Divine Decorator

You have an inappropriate amount of Pinterest boards dedicated to home décor. You know Homesense’s restock day and you spend all your free time browsing the aisles – some may even say you have a “problem” (we don’t agree). If this sounds familiar, the “Divine Decorator” lifestyle package was curated specifically for you. Bring your Pinterest boards to life in your new home!

Package Includes:

o   $3000 towards lighting

o   Full railing

o   Fireplace

The Smart Investor

You have an investor mindset. You understand that investing now can benefit your future. Although spending money on current wants may be tempting, you see the value in adding features to your new home that make it possible to transform your basement into a comfortable and separate living space. If this sounds like you, say hello to the “Smart Investor” lifestyle package! 

Package Includes:

o   9’ foundation

o   Side entry

o   $30/Sq. Ft. rough-ins

The Tech Junkie

You know all there is to know about the latest and greatest technology. CPU, GUI, TWAIN – you know what these terms mean without having to Google (no, not Shania Twain). If you’re the designated friend for any tech-related advice, you’ll want to meet the “Tech Junkie” lifestyle package. Bring your new home to 2021 with only the best technology to protect you and your family!

Package Includes:

o   ParcelProtect

o   Doorbell camera

o   Security system

o   Smart thermostat

o   Additional keypad

o   Two cameras

o   Garage overhead notification

o   Monitoring for one year

The Complete Essentialist

You value the simple things in life and don’t need to own the newest or trendiest items. You binge-watched “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” and proceeded to question every item’s existence in your home. If you’re big on necessities in comparison to luxuries, the “Complete Essentialist” lifestyle package was created just for you! Ask yourself – does this lifestyle package spark joy? We have a feeling the answer is yes.    

Package Includes:

o   5-piece appliance package

o   Full yard landscaping

o   Deck

o   Blinds