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Ring in the New Year with style! We have done the research, read all the blogs, and summarized the Top Interior Design Trends you can expect to see in 2021! All trends can be incorporated into one word this year- COMFORT!

 Earthy Enchantment

Right away blogs are diving into color trends for 2021. Expect to see a return to embracing color in your home. Away with minimalism and keeping an all-neutral palette. It is time to embrace the word Comfort, and truly make your spaces reflect just that! Try incorporating rich jewel tones, hues of fall/autumn, and of course anything earthy! Essentially the rust, olive, and golden turmeric tones. This earthy theme can also be translated into kitchen trends, trying colored cabinets (other than white), natural stone countertops and rustic/distressed flooring. Bring the outdoors in to create an aesthetic that truly captures comfort!  

 Nearing Nostalgia

Revolving around our word comfort comes forth a major design trend- The Grand Millennial. This theme is at the fore front of several blogs for 2021 trends. The Grand Millennial encompasses a return to that comfort and nostalgia, the need for a calming and happy environment in our homes after our heavy 2020. This design style is quite simple, incorporate current modern aesthetic with pieces from your past. This trend focuses on happier, lighter times spent with your grandparents or parents. Incorporating some of their color schemes like florals, lace and embroidery, taking style back to a simpler time. This electric mix of past and present will be taking interiors by storm this year.

Home is Where the Office is

As we are all aware by now, we have shifted our mindset of work equaling only at the office to now having work equaling our kitchens, living rooms and basements. If you haven’t already, now is the time to create a dedicated office space for you. More and more, trends are seeing multi-functional spaces in homes where your office doubles as a workout zone or storage area, etc. Now having spent more time at home than ever, we are needing these dual zones to fit our changing lifestyle. Tips on creating that home office space: have a natural and ambient light source (window and table lamp), ample worktop space, storage drawers, bright artwork, live plants, and a door to keep out unwanted visitors or noise during those zoom calls.

Happy 2021, we wish you all the best this New Year!


*all images sourced from Pinterest