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What is a Presale?

A presale is when you, the customer, wants the choice to build your new home from the ground up! It means you have the option of customization, rather than buying an inventory home (one that is pre-selected by the builder and is move-in ready).

Why Choose the Route of a Presale?

You get choice! When buying a new home, there are numerous factors to consider before confirming your decision. Here are some examples of the benefits of doing a presale!

  • You CHOOSE your neighborhood- what is the best community for you and your family?
  • You CHOOSE your lot- what size of yard, and sun exposure do you want to have?
  • You CHOOSE your house model and customize the floorplan if desired! We have optional floorplans for almost every model. Add in a 4th bedroom, extra bathroom, pet wash or a private oasis! The options are endless.
  • You CHOOSE exterior colors- warm tones or cool tones? Work with your sales consultant to select your exterior homes expression!
  • You CHOOSE all interior finishes- work with our professional interior design consultants to make your dream home a reality! 

Need Help Deciding on Your Interior Style?

We have all thought about what our dream home could look like. A unique feature Daytona Homes offers is our True Choice interior selection process. You get the opportunity to design your interior from scratch with our interior design team or choose from our Destination Collection styles as a starting off point! This collection captivates design styles carefully chosen by our expert designers based on travel destinations from around the world. If you are needing some inspiration for your home interior, explore our destination collection now!

The Presale Process: End Result

The presale process is full of choice. This makes your home buying process absolutely customized to you and your family. Deciding to go through and do a presale from start to finish can seem daunting. However, the result is having a home tailored to you. Knowing you had a hand in selecting every piece of your home, is something to be proud of and is unique to you and your family. Let alone the process being fun!

If doing a presale is what you are considering, get in touch with us! Send us an email or visit our of our sales consultants today to discuss your next steps!