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A Day in the Life:

Imagine yourself in your brand-new home. How do you feel? Smiling and excited to be living in a fresh space, customized to you and your family. You start your day making a hot beverage in your bright kitchen and look out the window to your amazing park view. A warm mug in your hand, and cozy slippers on your feet, the only thing that would be better is being surrounded by nature while hearing the birds chirping. This is simple, the picturesque morning is available right outside your front door. Step outside onto your front deck, bring your coffee and a blanket. Sit in your soft body-hugging chair and enjoy a moment of peace before your day starts. Looking out, you see your yard – fully landscaped with fresh flowers blooming. You see your simple iron fence separating your piece of serenity from your neighbors. Beyond this,a pathway, leading though the community you have loved from the moment you walked through. It is quiet, it is peaceful, and it is playful. It is everything you imagined it would be and more.

A while later, you hear a sign of waking up in your home. Time to start your day – the kids and dog are up and ready to get going. As you wander through your kitchen and up the stairs, you pause in the loft to see which of the two bedrooms are awake. Both children come running out of their rooms and into their shared washroom. While they start brushing their teeth, you step into your laundry room just down the hall and press play on a fresh load of laundry. Doing two tasks at once is your specialty! Once the kids are brushed and dressed you take their hands and lead them to the kitchen for a hearty breakfast. How nice is it to have brand new appliances! Family mealtime is something to look forward to again as your kitchen size is the perfect fit for your family’s lifestyle. You have so much storage! No more appliances living on the countertops- it is a whole new lifestyle! Your kids favourite place is eating at the island, they love being close to you as you work in the kitchen. They even help mix the pancakes easier!

Once breakfast is finished up, it is time to walk them to their school pick up place. You head out your front door, down your quaint walkway and through the iron gate. A quick latch so the dog does not escape – and you are on your way! You wave ‘Hi’ to your neighbors, as they come through their gates as well. You start to hear more chatter and laughter as kids are being walked to school, and parents on their way to work. Your surroundings are lively, with greenery all around and charming homes on either side of the front pathway. There are no cars in sight – all hidden on the other side of the homes. No garbage bins, no large trucks. Just a pathway, green space,and your neighbors. It is such a change from your past home you feel like you are living in a small European town, and now you cannot imagine living anywhere else.

Once you drop the kids off for school, you walk home. Grabbing a coffee and treat from the local shop, you decided to take the long route home. It is a beautiful sunny morning, and you stop to admire all the green thumbs you have for neighbors. You arrive back at home and wander back upstairs to your private master patio. With the same park views, you finish off your coffee and answer a few emails. You could get used to working from home! Your co-workers are loving your Instagram views from your balcony. Taking a break, you fold some laundry and put it away in your master walk in closet.Again – so much storage! Everything has a home, and you feel at ease, no more storage bins. Getting ready for the day for you has also been a dream. The master ensuite has double vanities, no more conflicts with a shared sink or storage problems. There is also a makeup desk built into the space for an added feature, making both you and your partner happy! Hearing the laundry beep, you switch over laundry loads and start a new cycle. Passing through the loft space, you tidy up the kid’s toys and fluff the pillows on the sectional. This space has been a lifesaver! Keeping all the kid’s items upstairs and having a tidier main great room has never been a better idea. Retreating to your master patio, you finish out the workday.  Looking out before going back to pick up the kids, you think to yourself – how lucky you are to live in this neighborhood, the feelings, the sights, and sounds are undeniably stunning.

Welcome to the Parks of Chappelle, by Daytona Homes.

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