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Your NORDIC NOIR home draws its inspiration from Scandinavian living combined with moody chic accents. This style embodies urban trends from Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, and Finland. All destinations have architecture and interiors as unique as the scenic coasts they are surrounded by. Striking but warm and inviting- be bold and design your interior like a northern European adventure.

The NORDIC NOIR home incorporates a palette of crisp whites, matte blacks, natural wood, and accents of rich golds. Striking black marble quartz countertops paired with black cabinetry immediately set the mood in this home. Mix in cool grey vinyl plank to offer a stark contrast for a memorable kitchen finish. Features of black faucets, cabinet and door hardware, enhance the Noir vibe, where the modern pewter lighting lends to brighten the overall look.

Our True Choice design styles are unique to Daytona as they are carefully created by our interior designers. These design styles are curated from must visit travel places from around the globe with trending interior design. Use these design styles as you create your new home or look for these styles in our move-in ready homes! Looking for more inspiration? Visit our True Choice page today to discover more!