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Step inside the Edge! Located in Chappelle Gardens this home focuses on sustainable living and environmentally conscious choices.

The idea was curated from Daytona’s Interior Designers as they were trend researching earlier this year. After seeing a shift in home trends from buying new to buying ‘upcycled’ goods, the designers took this to light and created the unique design idea. Demonstrating when buying a new home or moving into your first home does not mean home buyers need to purchase all new furniture or accessories. Instead, looking into using what they have, or ‘thrifting’ to find what they need, homeowners can still create a beautiful home.

All the furniture and accessories in the home were reused, recycled, or refurbished in some way. Our Designers included purchasing from local companies to feature Edmonton’s own entrepreneurs. Shops were researched and located around the Edmonton area to find the perfect retro pieces. The design style shifted towards a simpler style of mid century modern-esque furniture and accessories for a truly unique ‘retro remix’ home.

Retailers featured in this showhome are: Find Edmonton, Consign DesignWhimsical Vintage CreationsGoodwillOld Strathcona Antique MallValue VillageDom DecoThe Maker’s KeepHabitat for HumanityDeluxe Mid Mod, and More Than a Fad Thrift Store.

Visit the showhome today to see what reusing, recycling and refurbishing home décor can look like at 3708 Cross Landing, Chappelle Gardens, Southwest Edmonton.