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AVIATOR-Z AVIATOR-Z quick possession home in Saxony Glen


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Single Family Attached Garage
Saxony Glen in Southwest

Investing With Daytona Homes

At Daytona Homes, we strive not only to be the best home builder in Edmonton, but also the best investment builder as well. In addition to owning their homes, we also aim to empower our homeowners to make their money work for them.

With that goal in mind, we offer several investment opportunities in hopes of continually pushing the envelope in this industry.

Our selection of investment properties all include secondary legal suites that can be rented out, so homeowners can live in their own homes while simultaneously generating rental income at the same time. With this solution, homeowners can offset their mortgage and build equity with one single property.

Interested in our unique investment solutions? Need help knowing where to start? Get in touch with us and we can take the first steps of your investment journey together.

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Types of Investments

Garden Suite

Garden Suite

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Basement Suite

Basement Suite

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Suite Ready

Suite Ready

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Showhome Leaseback

Showhome Leaseback

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The Zenvo is finally here. But what does that mean for you?

The Zenvo means that this is your opportunity to become a homeowner, investor, and entrepreneur all at once. With 1550 sq. ft. of space, you can live in your own home, earn rental income, and start your own home business. 

With the Zenvo, the possibilities are endless. Dreams of becoming an investor? The Zenvo can be transformed into a full legal suite. 

Want to give entrepreneurship a try? You could run your business right at home. 

Have a large multi-generational family? The Zenvo can accommodate. 

Looking to grow your hobbies? The flex space can be your personal space. 

Ready to become a homeowner? The Zenvo is already here.

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